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    Warranty Policy

    At District Freestyle Scooters, we will proudly provide a warranty against manufacturer’s defects, for the original owner, for 6 months from date of purchase. Purchases must have been made from an authorised retailer and you must contact them for any warranty claim. You must be the original owner, able to provide proof of purchase (email receipt is fine) and provide at least two photos of your scooter; one of the damaged part and one of the complete scooter. Damage due to misuse, abuse, modification, regular wear and tear and shipping is excluded. Warranty does not cover wheel or headset bearings, chips, scratches, chunking, flat spots, bending, snapping, cracking or other damage of parts that is a result of normal use. Approved warranty claims will be repaired or replaced, at our discretion, at no cost to the customer. District Freestyle Scooters reserves the right to deny any warranty claim and will never issue credit or a cash refund.

    We will always have you contact your local authorised Retailer first.

    How to Qualify for Warranty

    You must be the original owner and able to provide proof of purchase from the authorised retailer. Product must be purchased 6 months prior to warranty claim. Product cannot be a prior warranty or exchange. You must be able to bring the product to the store or provide photos of the defect and product as a whole. The defect cannot be caused by misuse, abuse, modification, normal wear and tear or shipping damages.

    How to Request a Warranty

    To request a warranty, please contact the authorised Retailer where you purchased the product. Please provide them with the information below.

    • Your name, address, phone number
    • 2 photos of product mentioned above
    • Proof of purchase (email receipt or photo of receipt accepted)
    • Brief description of the issue

    Please ensure all information is included and visibly to ensure your warranty is properly handled. District Freestyle Scooters will not be held liable for any defective items returned without proper authorisation.

    Why Go Back to the Dealer?

    Our dealers are trained professionals who know scooters just as well as we do. They know our policies which allows them to anticipate our decision. They can answer questions immediately and potentially fix an issue on the spot. Directing the consumer back to the dealer ensures a lasting relationship and facilitates warranties faster than contacting District Freestyle Scooters directly.

    What to Expect with a Warranty

    A dealer may be able to fix the issue on the spot or will contact us if they have any questions. The authorised retailer can expect a response within 1 business day of their initial warranty claim email, given you’ve provided all required information above. You will be notified if additional information/photos are needed. Please contact your local authorised retailer for any further questions.

    Crash Replacement Program

    We recognise the aggressive nature of the sport and the failure that can occur, excluding manufacture defect. Any damage that may occur, that is not due to manufacture defect, may qualify for our Crash Replacement Program. Please contact the authorised retailer you purchased the product from to start your warranty claim. Your local authorised retailer will need to refer you to the Crash Replacement Program.

    Please contact us with any questions or concerns:

    01803 558885

    Mon- Fri,  9am-5pm